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What's Going On?: This was Dungeons and Dragons.  On the internet for the whole world to see, like porn.  It was first edition AD&D, plus some house rules, in a custom world.  And it's over.

What's Going On Now? (Updated 08/17/07): Nothing, folks. It's all over. You won, good job there.

Who's Playing?: There are currently five players: Mark, Dave, Steve 1, Steve 2, and Justin.  Rob is the GM.  We started this in February 2005, and it's mostly Mark's fault. The first campaign ended 9-06, and we swiftly moved on to game 2.


The PC's:

Theodore Koeppel (Mark): A gnome illusionist thief.  Heir to an ice-cream empire?

Azoth (Justin): A half-elf fighter-priest of Apollo. He's got proficiency trident.

Dag the Holy Cannon (Steve): Dag is some sort of Priest. However, his profile is set to 'private', so we aren't sure. [FIXED.] It has been said that Dag fancies himself a lot. And dude, you're a priest with no god. No wonder you ain't gonna get those hot 4th circles.

Thaka Laba Dula (Paul): Drow Cavalier. Yeah, really. Drizzt D'Urden has nothing on Thaka. Except for being alive, or winning his fights or something. Thaka died, eaten by pit ghouls when she surprise attacked an unarmed merchant. Weh-WAH.

Threnody (Dave): A fighter/magic-user that really dislikes lycanthropes.

King Tut (Steve): One KT was just not enough. He's back, and this Bushi turned Druid has recently FIXED: died like everyone else.


NPC's of Note:

Ambassador Bekkers: Former employer of the PCs, who they caught juicing the Prince! Ambassador from Onze. Once the enemy of the PCs, and possibly still is, they've teamed up to save the Princess, as Bekkers claims to lover her.

Barnabas Frye: A low-level gnome illusionist and contender for the title of 'arch-villain' of the campaign, because he fucked the PCs over after they fucked him over. Involved in ice cream manufacture and distribution.

John Romeo: Previously, the King of Greyhelm. Now, a brain-damaged producer and star of the Cold Cut Collective, an MCing contest.

The Mindflayer: A dastardly illithid, who's survived from the previous campaign to wreck havoc on this plane! Once controlled John Romeo.

Ezekiel the Demon: Demonic guardian of the mysterious 'Subsea Station B' in the Gorgos Meteorological Institute (a weather monitoring station outside Gorgos). Owns a bouncy ball.

Norman RockWell: Half-orc producer, who might just provide the magic the PCs need for their hot single.

Prince Henry: The young heir to the throne of Onze, he trusted the PCs, who let him down. Prince Henry was last seen being 'juiced' by a strange machine in the temple of Plutus.

The Princess of Onze: Semi-comatose, strange girl. The surviving heir to the throne of Onze. May be walking snack.

Stavos Vanilli: Latvian employee of King Tut's in the robot factory. Now the boss, since KT left, Vanilli's got lots of crazy projects going on.

The Spiderbot: A col' rockin', blunt smokin', jet skiin', bolt shootin' engine of destruction that King Tut made out of scrap metal, wire, and about 20 gp.

Maps Of The Known World: This is just a treasure map that Dave bought, but it shows the major locations in the campaign world.  Bon appetit.

This one was found in the Gorgos Meteorologic Institute:

Yeah, it's kinda big. I guess this one should really go up top. And, where's Breeeport?

Maybe the Master of the GMI didn't think much of Breeport and forgot to include it on his map.

Executive Summary of Events Thus Far:

There's a boat, and it's on fire.


The boat was the ship of Prince Henry of Onze. The PCs were hired as his guards, to help him get to Gorgos and then to Mareznoch, aka Mammon's Point, the temple of Plutus for his anointment. To kill some time, they went on a quest for the priestess of Apollo, who lent her Magic ScrEye (tm) to the Master of the Gorgos Meteorological Institute.

Our heroes found the place mostly deserted, but managed to recover the eye. However, upon return to Gorgos, they found it was somehow a week later! The city was devastated by a tsunami, and they wasted no time in hurrying to Mammon's Point to continue their quest. Once there, though, they found that the Prince was being used in some horrible ritual, crushed to a pulp by Ambassador Bekkers and the priests of Plutus! They fought hard, but were captured, and sent away to Twilos, City of the Slave Lords.


Twilos- a miserable underground city where the undesirables of the Island Kingdoms are sent for life. But do they give up? No! They have carved out a life of their own in the caves and slums that is the Twilos Lowcity. Theodore Koppel runs an ice cream factory dedicated to churning out the hottest in today's dance music. King Tut makes robots. And I can guarantee you that in the thousands of years in the history of literature, those two sentences have never before been seen.


Our heroes defeated an evil illusionist and won John Romeo's Cold Cut Collective, too. Anyway, they escaped from Twilos somehow, and journeyed onto Stygensport, where they heard a news report- the Princess of Onze had been kidnapped! They bought a boat and sailed back to Gorgos, only to discover that the Chums of Charon had beaten them to the fight... the Chums rescued the Princess and took the PCs on-board, when who revealed himself from behind the scenes... Ambassador Bekkers! Yes, the very man who 'juiced' the Prince, tried to kill the PCs, and had them sent to Twilos!


The Ambassador however was a beaten man. He told our heroes a crazy story, that the King and Queen of Onze are actually immortal psychic vampires, who spawn every generation, only to eat their children when they've come of age. The Ambassador claimed to be in love with the Princess, an awkward girl of 15 or so, and was 'rescuing' her from her certain demise and devouring by her parents. The PCs bought it, and journeyed with Bekkers to the ghettos of the Fairy Paradise Island, a horrible city ravaged by drugs and crime, and controlled by ex-Potion Guild chemists. There, they were jumped by the Queen's Guard. Quick thinking on Theodore's part lead to a 'bait and switch', and now the Guard thinks Theodore is the Princess, and plan on taking him back to Onze...


From kettle to hearth. Escaping Onze intact, the PCs fled, ironically, to the one place they'd be safest- back to Twilos. Their presence there was doubly urgent, as KT had received a strange CB transmission from Stavos Vanilli indicating that he had been taken captive by the Dustmen, and was being used for nefarious engineering purposes. Alas, upon arrival in Twilos, they succumbed to a trap by their old enemy Barnabas Frye, a 5th level Illusionist who was pretty darn pissed. After capture by his Bugbear guards, Barnabas sold the PCs back to parties from Onze. However, as usual, something amiss occurred...


The PCs emerged back at the Gorgos Meteorological Institute. Escaping by sub, they ran out of gas, and washed up on the shores of a small island. To their surprise, they met Reginald the Astronomer, who claimed to be the last man on earth after some sort of horrible crisis brought on by 'Steve Vanilla'. Hmm. And then, as suddenly as it started, it was all over.